Esoteric Chinese Medicine

Medical QiGong is a complete medical system rooted in esoteric Chinese Medicine theory.

It is a powerful medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years to help all kinds of ailments, especially for chronic and idiopathic disorders.

The session involves detailed auric reading and balancing of your jing (body) qi (energy) & shen (spirit).

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Past Life Regression

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and the point of it all? Your purpose maybe? The soul contracts you came here with, Relationships? Karma? Forgiveness? Metaphysical insights? Answers? Resources? Healing?

The life your Subconscious chooses to show you is always relevant to the current life, which could be a Past Life Regression, a Parallel Life or a Future Life Progression.

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TaiChi & Meditation

Tai Chi is often described as “meditation” or “medication" in motion. Tai Chi doesn’t just strengthen the bones, it strengthens all of your body’s organs!

Tai Chi boosts the immune system, strengthens the bones, calms the mind and spirit, improves sleep quality, keeps you feel and look younger by slowing down the aging process, plus so much more!

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Welcome to Sacred Path Medicine

“Your life is a sacred journey. It is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, learning to see clearly, listening to your intuition...You are on the path...exactly where you are meant to be right now...shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of healing, wisdom, power, dignity, and love.”  ~C. Adams


Here are some of the things I can help you with:

  • suffering from mental/emotional issues such as depression and anxiety
  • in chronic stressful situation
  • struggling with infertility, miscarriage, or abortions (fetal hauntings)
  • going through chemo/radiation (to reduce side effects) or need cancer maintenance (to keep in remission)
  • considering surgery (prepares the body energetically for optimal result) or post-surgery (helps the body to integrate the new energetic matrix)
  • in grief (transition from a life changing event or loss of identity, or resolving issues with a dead person)
  • feeling you have a spiritual entity or parasites (my experience in removing entities)
  • in emotional or physical trauma/pain
  • having painful, heavy, or lack of menstruation or fibroids or cysts
  • struggling with auto-immune disorders such as fibromyalgia, allergies, chronic fatigue, etc.
  • feeling stuck and hopeless after going through many medical tests and therapies that didn't help
  • regular energy tune-ups (especially if working closely with other people--massage therapists, PTs, psychotherapists, nurses, etc.)
  • curious about energy, chakras, spirituality, or kundalini experiences
  • seeking tools to live more joyful, simpler, less resistant life
  • curious about your purpose in life, spirit guides, or past lives


Things to consider--

  • be open for change in your life (initially might go through physical/emotional ups and downs while your energy stabilizes). Your external world might react and change according to your shift in energy
  • be ready to let go...of pain, people, events, trauma, etc. I recommend looking up these books or videos
  • a commitment to practicing breathing exercises, meditations, inner-work, or some form of spirituality
  • be ready to be flexible in your belief system and truths (for example, blaming things outside of yourself for all your troubles. Transformation comes from looking inward and bringing awareness to your inner thoughts and emotions)

Past patients who were ready for change have had transforming experiences through their own growth and new perspectives, which lead to 'healing' their main health issues.

If you resonate with the work I offer or have any questions, feel free to contact me--I'd love to share how I can work with you.