Grandmaster Jia Shu Sen

Grandmaster Jia ShuSen

Following the National Day Golden Week in October 2014, Beijing welcomed a special group of friends from the United States. This fourteen-member delegation were members of the Chinese Traditional Martial Arts and Cultural Exchange Association (CTMACEA 中华传统武术与文化交流促进会), led by Grandmaster Jia Shu Sen (贾树森).

A native of Beijing, Grandmaster Jia is an esteemed member of the Chinese Wushu community. The fifth generation direct lineage successor of Baguazhang (八卦掌) under Great Grandmaster Sun Zhi Jun (孙志君) and eleventh generation direct lineage holder of Chen Style Taijiquan (陈式太极拳) under the late Great Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang (冯志强), Grandmaster Jia is Commissioner and Director of the Beijing Wushu Association (北京武术协会) and, from 2004 to 2008, served as President of the Beijing Baguazhang Research Institute (北京八卦掌研究会).

He is also a highly skilled doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, having studied extensively under famed Beijing acupuncturist Professor He Pu Ren (贺普仁). Upon immigrating to the United States in December 2008, Grandmaster Jia founded CTMACEA to preserve and promote the education, dissemination, and research of Chinese traditional martial arts and culture…<read more>